Letter from Mike, The Man who found Jeremy

We felt this message from Mike to be of such great comfort that we wanted to share it with everyone.

Thank you very much Mike.

Jeremy’s Family

Dear Griess Family;

I am Mike Holler, the man who found the body of your beloved Jeremy. My heart not only goes out to you, but honestly breaks with yours. Your Jeremy was a beautiful man and oh, how I wish I could have known him in life! The pictures and the stories you have posted tell me of a man who was loved and talented and full of life. His passing is tragic and the world is the worse for it.

I spoke with Tony a little while ago and (with his blessing) gave an interview to Lindsay Watts of Channel 13 (who was very sensitive). If you get a chance to see it (10 PM Mountain Time), the camera will show the view from where Jeremy died. For what little comfort it may provide, it is breath-takingly beautiful, and if any of you would ever like to see it in person, please let me know. He carefully chose a place that was as magnificent and as wild as his spirit. He said goodbye to this earth looking at Pike’s Peak, and ascended into a heaven more splendid still.

My wife Cathy and I lost our oldest daughter 4 years ago at the age of 28. I tell you this only so that you will know that we are familiar with your overwhelming grief and sadness. No one can say the right thing or take the pain away. What sustained us were the prayers of the saints, the knowledge that God was near, and the hugs of everyone who came to us. May God be near you now and reveal His love in ways  you never knew before.

I often said that the only time I did not feel like I was falling was when someone who was standing held me tightly in their arms. I wish I could do that for you right now, but there will be many through your door. I encourage you to throw your arms around them and let them hold you and hug you long and hard. Cry as hard as you feel and let your tears run on their shirts. They want to do this for you, and you will find some comfort there.

We have wept sweet tears over your beloved son and brother. Tears, because his passing is so painful to you all. Sweet, because he was so beautiful and his life such a blessing. For now, all you will feel is the sadness of your loss, and the life cut short. In time I can safely promise you that the happy memories will become larger and more lovely, and the sorrow and sense of separation will lessen.

Until then, may God hold you near and provide you His peace that passes all of our understanding. Please feel free to call or write any time, and if there is any way that I may be of service, please ask.

Mike Holler