Nebraska.TV: Car Wash for Jeremy Griess

Minden youth chip in to help further the search for a missing Minden native.

Kids from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church youth group and C.L. Jones Middle School offered a car wash Saturday.

It’s a fundraiser to help find Jeremy Griess who went missing in Colorado one month ago.
This contribution lets the kids feel good about  helping others, and gives the family an extra glimmer of hope.

“I think they would feel good because for one thing they have to pay for all these expenses for what they’re just to find him, so i think it’s helping them a lot,” said organizers Zack and Jessica Rehtus.

“It’s just, it’s so heartwarming to see these people still helping us look for our Jeremy, seeing all these young people reminds me of my son when he was their age, it’s just so warm and nice to know that people care,” said Jeremy’s father Ted Griess.
Saturday’s car wash brought in $1,500.

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Thank you all so very much!

-Griess Family

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