Please Help Us Notify National Media About Jeremy’s Story

Would you please copy the statement shown in blue below and email to each member of this National Media list. If you would like to send it to other media sources, please feel free to do so.  Please help us tell Jeremy’s story.

Please use this subject for the email:

Please Help Us Find a Mother’s Missing Son

On April 11, 2010, Jeremy J. Griess, our beloved, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin and Friend went missing without a trace. This past Sunday May 9, 2010 , was Mother’s Day, but also marked exactly one month since Jeremy’s disappearance.

After  extensive and exhaustive searches by hundreds of volunteers, countless phone calls and the distribution of thousands of flyers, we have unfortunately been unable to locate him or his vehicle.

His mother and entire family are utterly heartbroken. Because Jeremy has committed no crime and is thirty-nine years of age, the authorities’ investigation has been limited.   Every Mother knows that no matter their age, they will always be remembered as their little child.

Please help us find Jeremy by continuing  to tell his story. We ask that everyone please remember, every missing person is someone’s child.

The following website with details has been created:

Family members are available for an interview to discuss Jeremy’s case.  Please contact;


A Message from Jeremy’s Mother:

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.  A day set aside each year for celebration of Mother/Child relationships all around the world.  For my children, it has always been a day to lovingly honor me with love and respect.  For me, it has always been a day to celebrate my children with love and pride.  As all of you know, a Mother/Child relationship goes well beyond what mere words can describe…it is Love at its best…it is a deeply emotional experience, a spiritual attachment at the very deepest level.

This year, Mother’s Day will be a little different for me than in years past.  Although I will be ever so thankful for my other three children and ever so grateful to celebrate the specialness of Mother’s Day with them, a piece of me aches for my missing son, Jeremy.  We will all feel the void left behind in his absence…a void that was always filled with his presence and all the love, laughter, joy and comfort he added to all occasions.

This Mother’s Day marks a first for me…my first Mother’s Day without my Jeremy.  I know my other 3 children will create a sense of specialness for me as they always have.  But, we will be short one family member, our Jeremy, who always added his special touch to this and every day.

I have but one Mother’s Day wish this year and I need your help to make that wish come true.  I need help to get Jeremy’s story out across our country.  The best way I know how to do this is to make an attempt to snag the attention of the National Media and let them tell our story.   Maybe, just maybe, this will be the key in reuniting us with our Jeremy and bring a sense of wholeness back to our aching hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day to All.  Please give your children an extra hug this Mother’s Day just for me and my Jeremy.  That might just be the spiritual punch we need.

Thanking all of you in advance from deep within my soul…Remaining forever grateful to all of you and all your help!!!


Wanda LaPage;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;