Kearney Hub: Colorado Resident Jeremy Griess Disappeared April 11; Family Following ‘Any and all leads’

MINDEN — It’s been a little over two weeks since anyone heard from Jeremy Griess, and it’s not getting any easier for his family.

The 39-year-old Minden native, now of Westminster, Colo., disappeared April 11. Since then, family and friends have been combing the mountains near Woodland Park, Colo., where they believe he may have gone to fish or hike.

“We had so many people helping Sunday, and they just came from all over, all walks of life. They searched and searched and again, no car, no Jeremy,” said his father, Ted Griess of Minden.

“We’re all hurting, and it’s hard to understand. We want him back. It’s hard to put into words the emptiness and despair you feel, the helplessness. I know his brother and his sisters, everybody is feeling the same way,” he said, holding back tears.

“I know if this goes on and on, it will continue to be hard to deal with. I don’t know how you ever overcome it. We’re trying to band together with our love and the support and strength from our friends and the power of prayer. I guess that’s what will get us through it.”

AT&T released the last coordinates of Jeremy’s cell phone that show he was in the Woodland Park area northwest of Colorado Springs. “We tried to narrow things down as tight as we could because the countryside is so vast,” Ted said.

“At this stage of the game, we’re trying to follow any and all leads. At the moment, we’re trying to simply regroup and see if we have anywhere else that people can search. All we’re doing is asking people to print off the missing person bulletin and post that anywhere in the Colorado area.

“We’re trying to keep our hope alive that he is alive and somewhere else, and that’s all we can do.”

Ted said there are several theories about what might have happened to Jeremy.

Jeremy was recently going through a divorce, and some friends and family members are hoping he just wanted to get away for a while.

“All his siblings and his mother and I hope that he is alive and being that way. If that’s the case, the grief and the heartache everyone is dealing with, it makes you wonder why anybody would do that, but under duress it’s hard enough to understand our own thinking, let alone somebody else’s. We love him, and we’re not going to hold it against him if that’s the case,” Ted said.

Family and friends have been maintaining a website,, where they post search updates and news coverage of the search.

A Facebook group called “Help Find Jeremy Griess – Missing since 04/11” now has more than 1,600 members and asks people to post information about Jeremy to their Facebook pages to increase awareness.

Jeremy is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. He has brown hair, hazel eyes and a small scar above his lip. He was last seen wearing jeans, a T-shirt and boots and may have been driving a black 1999 two-door Honda Accord with Colorado license plate 940 JSE.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Westminster Police Department at 303-658-4360.

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