Hey Buddy


Hey buddy. I hope you are listening wherever you are. None of us are ready to let you go. Please come home when you are ready. So many people miss you and are deeply concerned about you. You have touched so many lives in so many unique ways. Even in your disappearance you brought so many people from many walks of your life together. You united family, friends, co-workers, and so many others who want to help you. That is what you do best – you bless the lives you cross. I have turned to so many of our memories together to keep you fresh and alive. I honor your passion for life, your wonderful sense of humor, the way you make people feel about themselves and the way you make them smile and laugh. I honor the way you make the simplest of things and times fun, the way you bring happiness and laughter into our lives, and the way you make yourself available to your friends and family, unconditionally and selflessly.

I honor all of your many gestures of friendship, your awareness and your presence, and your integrity as a human being, which gives us all something to look up to. We all miss you more than you can know. Please feel that. We are there for you, just like you would be for us. Our search for you, our thoughts of you, our wonderful stories about you, and our prayers for you are all a tribute to your life. It is truly an amazing feat to have the love of so many.

Please hear our call and come home.

Your friend always,
Chris Madden