A Very Special Note of Gratitude

To all you very wonderful people who assisted in the search of my son, Jeremy.

Hello everyone, it’s me, Jeremy’s Mom.

My husband, Roger, and I both want to send a very special note of gratitude to the multitudes of people who stepped forward in the search for my missing son, Jeremy.  Some of you are friends of Jeremy and his family and some of you came forth and entered our world as strangers but left as our friends.  Each and every one of you found your very own special way to relentlessly help Jeremy and his family with your time, effort and money as well as with your outpouring of concern, encouragement, comfort, strength, hope and love for Jeremy and his family.  We are ever so thankful to all of you and all your efforts, including both ground and air search teams, distributing fliers, information gatherers, web site work, work with the media, work with law enforcement, work with phone companies, travel time, search suggestions as well as emails, text messages, cards, letters and phone calls of hope and comfort from so very many.  All that you have done will come back to each of you tenfold in the form of blessings.

No matter what each of you has done, large or small, tremendous or tiny, it all contributed so much in the valiant effort to find our Jeremy and to bring a sense of peace and calm to us.  Remember:  A little light somewhere makes a brighter everywhere.  A speck of sand can turn into a pearl.

You all have our utmost respect and gratitude. You are all our heroes!  We applaud you!  We salute you!  We will remain forever grateful to you for your steadfast effort in attending to our needs without hesitation.

Wanda and Roger LaPage