Search Results from 4/25/10

Section 1- The first group has completed their search.  CR 211 North and Northeast for 11 miles from CR 77 is clear with very little cell coverage.

Section 2 ABC- Northwest of Florissant and North of HWY 24. Complete.

Section 3- Just North of Florissant East of CR 77. Complete.

Section 4- North of Florissant and East of Platte Springs. Complete.

Section 5-This group has completed their search west of Divide and North of hwy 24. Search complete.

Section 6-  It is directly East of Section 1 and North of Florissant. Search complete.

Section 7- North of HWY24 and West of Woodland Park. Complete.

Section 8- CR 25 Northeast of Divide towards Woodland Park and North of HWY 24. Search complete.

Section 9- This area is HWY 67  South of Divide, CO to Midland, CO. Search complete.

Section 10-Straight south of Florissant on Teller CR 1. Search complete.

Section 10b- South of Midland towards Cripple Creek. Complete.

Section 11- West of HWY 67 and Four Mile Rd. Complete

Section 12- Residents in the area were aware of the search. This area is east of Lake George. Search complete.

Section 13- This area  is just South and West of Florissant. Search complete.

Section 14a- West of Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Complete.

Section 14b- Teller CR 111 West of Spinney Mountain Reservoir and South of Lake George. Complete.

Section 15b- West of Cripple Creek and straight south of Florissant. Complete.

Section 16aa- This area covered a radius around Eleven Mile reservoir on CR 59 and CR 92. Search complete.

Section 16ABC- Remaining areas around Eleven Mile Reservoir have now been searched.

A special thanks to the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) at Tyndall AFB, and Cpt O., for their assistance in helping to locate Jeremy. We greatly appreciate the review of all available data they provided to assist our search for Jeremy. In addition, we would like to thank all other law enforcement agencies who have worked closely with us in data collection and assimilation, including the Park and Teller County Sheriff’s, and the Westminster PD. In addition, thank you to the individuals at AT&T and Commnet who have been involved to date. There are countless others who have assisted with this matter, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You have all been available in our time of need, and we know we can count on you with our future efforts.

Thank you to Will from Colorado Vertical for your Air search efforts. Will completed a 2 hour, Helicopter search of the Southeast quadrant, approximately 9 miles Southeast of Badger Mountain. Link to Helicopter Company – Colorado Vertical