The SEARCH IS ON – 4/25/2010 at 9:00am – Meet at the Teller County Sheriff – Divide, CO

Link to google maps for the area

UPDATE (NEW MAPS ABOVE): The lower right map shows the approximate search area.  The image shown top left is a Google earth created map overlay.  The yellow regions are Commnet tower coverage areas. The red overlay highlights areas that are likely to not have adequate coverage. Therefore,  efforts should be focused on the southeast quadrant of Badger mountain (red section), specifically within the yellow regions of this quadrant.  Chris Madden will have detailed area maps available this morning (4/25/10) for each search party at the Teller County Sheriff.  If you would like to download this map to your computer, please send us an email at and we will send you the google earth file.


Please meet at the Teller County Sheriff’s dirt parking lot, approximately 7-8 miles west of Woodland Park, across from the Western gas station. I will be driving the white Honda Pilot with Longs Peak Sports and Family Medicine in blue graphics on the side.

I have been in extensive contact with area sheriffs and search parties and have put together a rough map of what has (red boxes) and has not (yellow boxes) been searched. I believe, with a lot of help, that we can cover the unsearched areas Sunday, April 25. The area we will be searching east of Woodland Park did not get hit with much snow, but 4WD vehicles may be advantageous if we encounter mud as we will be primarily exploring county and forest service roads. 

The posted map below shows the 7 main search areas in yellow. I am hoping to send at least 2-4 vehicles into each area, each vehicle or each set of vehicles, working down the main road and exploring side roads on one side of the main road. The other vehicle or set of vehicles will work the same main road and explore side roads on the opposite side of the main road. If we have 2 sets of vehicles on each road, the vehicles will hop scotch each other on the side roads

I plan to make blow up copies of Google Maps for each area, but National Geographic or Colorado Gazetteer maps will be helpful as many of the roads go by various names, and in an effort to achieve labeling of all the smaller roads, the Google Map printouts will cover a small area and be very specific.
I’ll make multiple copies to hand out to search parties.

The current plan is to have each search party (minimum of two per car – one to drive, other(s) to look) cover their respective area and to call the phone number I will give them in the morning to report findings. Once your area is covered, you can head home.

We can’t thank you all enough for your valiant efforts to find Jeremy. Be careful and safe travel to all tomorrow.

All the best, Chris Madden