A “Locate Jeremy Griess Fund” has been set up at a local bank

An account at the Minden Exchange Bank  in Minden, NE,  in addition to the PAYPAL account,  has been created for those who wish to donate.  Arlen’s email address is aosterbuhr@mindenexchange.com   When making the deposit please reference “Locate Jeremy Griess Fund”.

 Donations can be dropped off or mailed to the Minden Exchange Bank & Trust Company.. mailing address P.O. Box 179, Minden, NE 68959.  Should you have any questions, you can contact Senior Vice-President Arlen Osterbuhr at 308-832-1600  The bank’s email address is

Link to Minden Exchange Bank

Minden Exchange Bank & Trust

448 North Minden Avenue
Minden, NE 68959-1659
(308) 832-1600