New Search: Badger Mountain

UPDATE: Please see revised Comnet coverage map above.

Hi All,

Based on new cell phone location data, which is much more precise (many thanks again to Comnet, particularly Angie), we will be conducting another search of all the county and other roads in the Badger Mountain area on Saturday morning, 4/24/10. The more folks and cars we have the better. We plan on meeting in front of the Teller County Sheriff’s station at 9:00 AM on Saturday. The office is about 7-8 miles west of Woodland Park on HWY 24, just across the street from a Western gas station. There is a big dirt lot out front and we will meet there. I’ll be in a white Honda Pilot with blue graphics that says Long’s Peak Family and Sports Medicine on the side. Please email me at if you have any questions, and to confirm that you want to help on the Saturday search so I can get a head count. Topographic maps, National Geographic Maps, and Colorado Gazetteers may all be helpful, and if you have them please bring them. We can make a plan Saturday morning in the lot, then head out.

For those wanting to search tomorrow (Friday 4/23/2010), please start in the Badger X quadrant marked on the cell phone tower map (see updated post regarding the revised Comnet coverage map – the X quadrant is in the SE direction). We request that the adjacent areas also be searched. Please take notes of the areas you have searched and post them on this website to help us better coordinate and avoid duplication (county roads and distances gone, etc.).

Jeremy’s phone definitely communicated with the Badger Mountain tower between Monday (4/12) and Wednesday (4/14), when we last had any sign of it. We plan on dividing and conquering all the roads in the area. Thanks so much to everyone for your help.

Chris Madden.

Google Map of Badger Mountain