NEWS 13 with video (2:00)

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. — The family of 39-year-old Jeremy Griess said they feel heartbroken and helpless. It has been more than a week since a roommate last saw Griess.

Griess left his Westminster home on April 11 to pick up some food and never returned. He’s a Nebraska native, but calls Colorado home.
Family members say they need help from people in Southern Colorado to find Griess.

“I’ve jokingly said if he walked in the door, I’d strangle him or hug him — I’m not sure which, but I’ll tell you what, that would be a reward,” said Ted Griess, Jeremy’s father.

Cell phone records show Griess’ phone last sent out a signal from Woodland Park. That’s where his family searched all weekend, but even with dozens of volunteers, they found nothing.

“He’s always got his computer with him. He’s always got his phone with him,” said Cassandra Kanter, Jeremy’s sister. “He’s always communicating. It’s just not like him to not communicate with us.”

Jeremy’s family and friends said they will continue to search.

“His family and friends love him dearly,” Kanter said. “We want him back.”

Griess drives a 1999 black 2-door Honda Accord. It has Colorado license plate: 940JSE. If you think you’ve seen it, call Westminster police immediately at 303-658-4360.