KHAS-TV News 5: Minden Family searches for missing son (with video 2:22)

(4/20/2010) By Adam Lefkoe – Nine days ago, Jeremy Griess went missing in Colorado. Griess is originally from Minden. News 5’s Adam Lefkoe spent the day speaking with Jeremy’s parents who had just returned from searching.

As News 5 pulled up, Jeremy’s father was mowing the lawn. He said he just had to do something to take his mind off of all the stress. But more than anything he wants Jeremy on the front of everyone’s mind – always looking.

Resting on the comforts of home, Ted Griess said the last 9 days have felt more like 9 years.

“It has just been sleepless. It has just been endless for the last week and two days,” said Ted.

Ted and his wife Rita found out that Jeremy had gone missing from his Colorado home last Tuesday. Lifelong friends called immediately to begin a search.

“He called that morning and I said when do we leave?” said Darin Haight.

They searched his home, his hangout always waiting on the next lead.
When phone coordinates led the family to the Woodland Park area northwest of Colorado Springs. It was just another crash of emotion.

“Ok, now we are here…now what? And then I realized the vastness of it and it just ripped me apart thinking. He is still lost,” said Ted.

Some of Ted’s other children helped create a website that provides up to date information for people to stay informed. This is the first time Ted had seen it.

“Everytime I see that picture it just bothers me,” said Ted.

No matter the location, Westminster Colorado Police said they need everyone’s help.

“Family he might visit, friends, anywhere he might go because right now we really have no idea where he went,” said Det. Bernard Vonfeldt.

This morning, Ted said he received another glimmer of hope. A woman said she spotted Jeremy’s car outside Victor, Colorado. Ted and his family will continue to search – his life forever changed.

“If I ever see any missing persons bulletins from here on I am helping. Because I have a good hunch that I know what people are going through,” said Ted.

The Griess family is asking for your help.

Visit to get updated information and a missing person poster you can post in your area.