Updated Video on KKTV (2:11)

A Colorado family is anxiously searching for any sign of 39-year-old Jeremy Griess. The Griess family believes he went missing in Teller county more than a week ago. No one has heard from him since Sunday, April 11th. Based on the last traces of his cell phone, the family is centering their search on a 20-mile radius around Woodland park. The family is hoping more people volunteer to help find Jeremy.

Rosa May is a waitress at Jo-Mama’s Pizza and Pasta, in Woodland Park. She empathizes with the family and wants to help find Jeremy. “The family members came in very upset, brought in fliers, saying last time they saw him was on such and such day, and he’s not normally a person who would disappear, so they’re scared something majorly bad happened to him,” says May.

Cassandra Kanter pleads for help in finding her brother. “We are really counting on local people, that know the area, and that are out and about,” says Kanter.

While the search still continues, many volunteers have had to get on with their lives and get back to work. Jeremy’s father, Ted, is trying to cope with the pain of missing his son. “Every time I see a missing person report on television, I would emphasize and say ‘that is too bad,’ then I go on with my daily life. But when you are thrust into the situation yourself, you realize the pain they go through,” says Ted Griess.

The family believes a key to finding Jeremy is finding his car, which is also missing. It’s a 1999 two-door Honda Accord. It’s black with a roof rack on the top. The Colorado license plate is 940-JSE. To see a picture of the car, click on the photos tab at the top of this story.

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