Nebraska.TV story: Minden Native Missing in Colorado

A Minden family is clinging to hope even though they haven’t heard from their son and brother
for days.

Jeremy Griess, who grew up in Minden and currently lives in Denver, went missing on April 11th.

Authorities don’t have many clues as to what happened to him —  just a few cell phone hits.

The Griess family is in Colorado looking for clues and working with authorities.

It has been a week since 39-year-old Jeremy Griess seemingly disappeared.

Tony Griess, Jeremy’s brother, said, “A lot of texts and messages were sent, but nothing was

That has his family worried besides the fact Jeremy recently went through a divorce.

Cassandra Kanter, Jeremy’s sister, said, “We’re really counting on local people around the area that know the area that are out and about.”

They’ve put up posters, set up the website and with a team of volunteers mapped out the mountains of south-central Colorado. Yet, many of the volunteers left after the weekend to return to work.

Ted Griess, Jeremy’s father, said, “It’s kind of a small team you’re looking at right now from this area. So, our intent is to make contact with all the police forces and the surrounding sheriff
departments in the county.”

Police said while they’ll follow up on leads it is not an active search since there’s no indication of foul play.

Investigator Cheri Spottke, with the Westminster, CO Police Department, said, “He could have decided he was just fed up with life and needed a break and wanted to travel and live in Tim-Buck-Two and that’s not a crime.”

There hasn’t been any activity on his bank or credit cards. However, police have traced his cell phone. The most recent hit happened on April 14th in the Woodland Park area.

“In a few hours he traveled from the mountains down to Colorado Springs. So, the potential
that he traveled out of Woodland Park to some other location is possible,” said Spottke. “So, we just don’t know where to look for him at this point.”

The Griess family isn’t giving up, but fears Jeremy may have gotten lost or hurt himself while hiking.

“Every time I see a missing person report on television, I would stop and say ‘that’s too
bad’ and then go on with my day. But when you are thrust into the situation yourself, you realize the pain they go through,” said Jeremy’s dad.

Jeremy is described as 5’10, 165 pounds with brown hair and hazel eyes. He may be traveling in a black Honda Accord with the Colorado license plate 940 JSE.

Reporter’s Notes by Jessica Phinney:

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Westminster Police Department at (303)658-4360. It’s case number 2010 6054.