KKTV Southern CO News Story…with video (1:44)

Search Crews Look For Missing Man In Teller County

No one has heard from 39-year-old Jeremy Griess in a week. Family and friends are arriving from out of town and out state to help look for him in Teller county. Griess is familiar with the outdoors but his family is worried for his safety. “A lot of messages and texts were sent and just nothing was returned,” says Tony Griess, Jeremy’s brother.

So, Tony contacted Jeremy’s cell phone provider looking for clues. The Griess family tells 11 news that Jeremy’s love for the outdoors brought him to Teller county, and they know this because they traced his last known cell phone signals. “We’ve been working hard with AT&T and we’ve actually used other cell phones to localize towers … and we believe we got it pinpointed to Woodland north to Deckers,” says Tony Griess.

His sister Cassandra Kanter says it’s very unusual for Jeremy not to call. “Jeremy is the most precise person always, ya know, let’s us know things and is detail-oriented … just odd for him all of a sudden to not communicate with anybody,” says Kanter.

Dozens of friends are mapping out where to look while the family clings to hope. “I just want all the eyes and ears out there that are living around here to look for him and his car. I just have a feeling in my heart that he is there and he needs someone to find him,” says Kanter.

Jeremy’s sister believes if they find his car, they will find him. Jeremy’s car is a black 1999 two-door Honda Accord, with a roof rack. The Colorado license plate is 940-JSE.
If you have any information on where Jeremy Griess is or if you see his car you are urged to call the Westminster Police Department at (303) 658-4360.

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